Your vote matters.

Voting is an integral part of our Malaysian democracy. However, international students, workers and retirees commonly face issues with overseas voting. It is time for the Election Commission to simplify the process. In the meantime, this guide fills in where the Election Commission lacks in information.

Online voter registration

This guide is being updated to include guides on how to use MySPR Daftar to register to vote or change your address.

Government, parties and elections

How does government, parliament, parties and elections work.

Key dates and events

Dates of nomination and election day, and NGO events


Age, geographical and occupation restrictions on voting.

Registering to vote

How to register to vote if you are a first-time voter, or have voted before.

On voting day

Postal ballots, marking your ballot, finding a witness and sending your votes back.

Need help?

Help with registering and voting, report issues with registering, voting and intimidation from political parties.

Other ways to get involved in politics

What you can do after voting, or if you missed your chance to vote.

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