P 078

Cameron Highlands


A parliamentary by-election has been called for the federal seat of Cameron Highlands (P78). This by-election was called after YB Sivaraj's (Barisan Nasional/MIC) election victory was invalidated due to reports of electoral fraud involving bribery and intimidation.

Postal voting is possible in this by-election, subject to the usual restrictions and conditions.

Election key dates for this constituency has been set.

  • Nomination Day


    12th January 2019

  • Early voting


    22nd January 2019

  • Election Day


    26th January 2019

Things to do as a voter


Nomination Day

12th January 2019

Before nomination day

Form 1B submission deadline

Form 1B must be submitted before 11th January 2019. Ensure you get a confirmation email from SPR once they've accepted your application.

On nomination day


Election Day

26th January 2019

Before election day

Don't delay, send your votes back ASAP

The time you have between receiving your postal ballots and the closing of the Elections can be tight (3-5 days). Don't delay and send your votes back using an Express Courier Service.

After election day

  • Check the news for results


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