Mailing guide

On voting day

1. When do I have to send my ballot back?

You must ensure your ballot reaches your constituency by 5 pm on election day. Ballots arriving after this time will not be counted.

Don't procrastinate!

We recommend sending your ballot back as soon as possible. Do not delay marking and sending your vote back home.

2. Posting your vote

Australia Post
  • International Courier (2 day delivery)
  • International Express (3 day delivery)

Cut-off times for express post is generally at 5 pm for post offices and 6 pm for yellow mailboxes.

More details
  • Sameday Jetline (shortest possible time on the same day)
  • Express 9:00 (by 9 am the next day)
  • Express 12:00 (by 12 pm the next day)
  • Express Worldwide (by the end of the next business day)
More details

Look for a postal service which has a courier option. Although they are expensive, this is the fastest way to send your vote back to Malaysia.

Make sure there is a way to track your vote as it is being sent through the postal network.

Ensure you post your ballot at a post office or authorised service points. Avoid using 24-hour parcel lockers or home pickups.

3. After posting

Check where your vote is through your postal service's tracking system. If it gets lost, call your postal service without delay.

Once your vote arrives in your constituency, it will be counted with the rest of the votes in your constituency.

If your vote does not reach your constituency in time, you have the right to ask for a refund from your postal service under certain circumstances under the Australian Consumer Law.

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