Voting through a postal ballot

On voting day

1. When will my ballot reach me?

Ballots will be sent out after Nomination Day, on April 28th. They will be sent to you by express post. When you receive your ballot, make sure to mark it and send your vote back as soon as possible.

2. What's inside?

When you receive your ballot, inspect it for any damage or signs of being opened or tampered. Call the Election Commission if your ballot has been damaged.

Inside your postal ballot, you should have:

  • 1 Pink Envelope B for state representative votes
  • 1 White Envelope B for Parliament votes
  • 2 ballots, 1 for Parliament and 1 for state representatives
  • 2 Envelope A for your two ballots, 1 Pink and 1 White colour
  • 1 Form 2 - Declaration of Identity

Federal Territories

Voters in the Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan) will only get the white Parliament Envelope B and 1 ballot. You only need to vote for a parliament representative in an election.

3. Fill in Form 2

Before you begin, you will need to find a witness who is:

  • a Malaysian citizen over 18 years old, and
  • has an IC number

Start by showing your witness your empty ballot papers and envelopes.

Then, fill in Form 2 with your name, IC number and sign the form in front of your witness. Have your witness sign the form and write their personal details down as well.

4. Marking your ballot

Inspect your ballot for any marks, pen marks or stains that may void your vote. If your vote is not clean, call the Election Commission immediately. Make sure your hands are clean and dry so that you don't leave any stains on your ballot.

Make sure to read up about the party you want to vote for here.

Mark your ballot by drawing a cross (X) next to your preferred candidate using a pen. Do this carefully as there is not enough time to get a replacement form if you make a mistake.

5. Seal your votes

First, place your state representative vote in the pink Envelope B.

Then, place your Parliament vote in the white Envelope B.

Seal the envelopes using glue, ensuring that the adhesive you use does not damage your vote. Make sure your seal is secure so that it doesn't open during transit.

Put your sealed votes and Form 2 into the big Envelope A. Seal the envelope closed.

Don't jumble up the vote!

Place the right vote in the right envelope. Otherwise, your vote is not counted.

6. Send your votes

Use a courier service (at your own expense) to mail your ballots back to Malaysia. Make sure the service you use has a:

  • tracking service
  • proof-of-delivery

Your ballot must reach the returning officer by 5 pm on election day (9th May). Otherwise, your vote will not be counted.


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