Registering to vote

The registration process

The registration process is split into 2 parts. 

The first part is to register you as a voter in your constituency back in Malaysia. This allows you to vote in any upcoming elections after your details are added to the electoral vote (3 to 6 months). This does not give you the right to vote by post.

If you have registered to vote before either in Malaysia or overseas, skip ahead to the 'When an Election is Announced' section

The second part is to register you as an overseas absentee voter when the election draws near. This involves proving that you have:

  • stayed in Malaysia for a total of 30 days within the last 5 years
  • not gotten dual-citizenship while abroad

You only need to do this second part when the Election Commission announces an election, referendum or by-election.

Finding your nearest embassy

Only High Commissions and Consulate-Generals are allowed to process your registration to vote.

Always call before visiting to make an appointment. Make sure the officer-in-charge of election registration is available, and that they have the forms they need for your registration.

Applications are sent back to the Election Commission in Malaysia every week by diplomatic mail.


Is your consulate-general or High Commission making it difficult for you to register to vote? Report it to us.

Things to bring with you

You need to have your documents ready for your visit to your local Consul-General or High Commission. The documents required are your:

  • Malaysian passport
  • Malaysian identity card or MyTentera card
  • relevant work or student visa grant letter

Make copies of these documents before your visit. Some Consul-Generals may provide a photocopy service at your own cost.

During your appointment

The officer-in-charge will fill in a form with your basic details. You will be asked to provide basic details to complete the form.

The officer-in-charge then examines your documents, and will ask for copies of your documents to certify them as real copies. These will be sent back to Malaysia alongside your registration form for the Election Commission's reference.

Check that the details on your registration form are correct. You will then sign the registration form and the Officer then counter-signs it. You will be given a copy of the registration form for your reference. Keep this copy in a safe place.

After your appointment

Your details will not be added to the electoral roll of your district immediately. Applications are processed at the end of March, June, September and December and will be displayed on the SPR and Malaysian Missions website for public scrutiny. This takes about 3 months from the last day of the quarter you registered for your name to appear on the electoral roll.

For example, if you registered to vote in April - June, your name will appear in the electoral roll by September.

Continuously check your registration status on the Election Commission website. Enter your Identity Card or MyTentera card number into the form, then complete the Captcha field to continue.

The form should then display your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • identity card or MyTentera card number
  • gender
  • locality
  • voting district
  • DUN (state assembly district)¬†
  • parliamentary constituency
  • state of residence

Lodge a complaint with the Election Commission immediately if:

  • you notice any changes to your details
  • your details are inaccurate

Send a copy of your report to us as well so that we can also harangue the Election Commission on your behalf.


This is the end of the first part of registration. You do not have the right to vote by post yet - you need to complete the second part of registration. Go to the 'When an Election is Announced' section.


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