Registering as a normal voter

Registering to vote

  1. Things you need, where to register

You will need your Identity Card/MyKad to register.

You can register to vote at any:

  • post office
  • the Election Commission headquarters in Putrajaya, or state branches of the Election Commission
  • Election Commission pop-up outreach events

  1. Procedures

When you arrive at any registration centre, give your MyKad/Identity Card to the staff member that is handling your voter registration.

The staff member will fill in the voter registration form (Form A), using either a computer or pen and paper.

Check your details on the form to make sure it's accurate and follows what's printed on your MyKad/Identity Card. Sign the form once you're sure everything is correct.

You will be given a copy of your registration form. Keep this for your reference. Use this form to check your details once it's been inserted into the electoral roll.

  1. Wait and check your details

Your details will not be added to the electoral roll of your district immediately. Applications are processed at the end of March, June, September and December. The roll will then be displayed on the Election Commission website and office for public scrutiny. This takes about 3 months from the last day of the quarter you registered for your name to appear on the electoral roll.

For example, if you registered to vote in April - June, your name will appear in the electoral roll by September.

Continuously check your registration status on theĀ Election Commission website. Enter your Identity Card or MyTentera card number into the form, then complete the Captcha field to continue.

Overseas postal votes

If you're heading overseas, you can ask for a postal ballot to be sent to you. More information here.


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