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Registering to vote

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    Things you need
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    Registering for an account

Things you need

  • MyKad/Identity Card
  • Email address
  • Phone with camera and a phone number
  • A witness with Malaysian citizenship, over 21 years old

2. Registering for an account

Go to the MySPR website, and click 'Permohonan Akaun Baru', below the login box.

Once you're on the signup page, fill in your MyKad/Identity Card number (without dashes). The website will automatically fill in your date of birth and age.

Fill in your email address and phone number. Make sure your email address and phone number is valid as you'll be using these to receive your account confirmation and one-time code to verify your account.

Only phone numbers from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Afghanistan are accepted at this time.

Fill in the Address fields with the address printed on your MyKad/Identity Card. Follow the formatting of the address on your MyKad/Identity Card as well.

Choose a security question and an answer to the security question. Keep this secret, in case you need to recover your account.

In the 'Muat Naik Gambar' section, upload a selfie of yourself with the front face of your MyKad/Identity Card, as well as a photo of the front face of your MyKad/Identity Card. Your face and MyKad details should be clear in the pictures you take.

There's a 500kb upload limit for your pictures. You may need to resize or compress your pictures before uploading. You can do this with any online or offline photo editing software.

Once you've uploaded your pictures, fill in the Captcha code and agree to the terms of conditions at the end of the form. Click 'Hantar' to continue.

A notification will appear to ask if you really want to send in your application. Click 'Pasti' to continue.

Your application will be sent for processing when you see a green dialogue box on the next page.

3. Processing times

Depending on when you submit your application, your application can be processed the same business day, or the next business day.

When you submit your applicationWhen your application will be processed
8 am to 12 pm on a business day
5:30 pm that same business day
After 12 pm on a business day
Weekends and public holidays
5:30 pm the next business day
While your application may be processed, it doesn't mean that you can vote immediately. Your voting details must still be exhibited at the end of the quarter before you can vote. SeeĀ Processing Times for more details.

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