Things you need

  • Active MySPR Daftar account
  • MyKad/Identity Card
  • Email address
  • Phone with camera and a phone number
  • Witness who's 21 years old or older, and is a Malaysian citizen
  • Witness's address and name as stated in their MyKad/Identity Card

Before you begin

You must already have an active MySPR Daftar account. More details on how to open one can be found here.

1. Log into MySPR Daftar

Log into the MySPR Daftar website using your MyKad/Identity Card number and your password. You'll be directed to the User Dashboard (Dashboard Pengguna).

Click the 'Borang A' button to start your voter registration.

2. Filling in Form A

You'll be shown a copy of your Form A, with your name, date of birth and MyKad/Identity Card number prefilled.

Make sure to fill in and select your –

  • Address, as stated in your MyKad/Identity Card
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Witness's name
  • Witness's MyKad/Identity Card number
  • Witness's address as stated in their MyKad/Identity Card

Make sure to agree to the following statements by ticking the checkbox provided –

  • You're an eligible Malaysian citizen, and have not registered to vote before
  • Providing false information is a punishable offense under the Election Offenses Act of 1954
  • Your witness is aware and has provided permission to use their personal information for your application

3. Submit your application

Click on the 'Hantar' button at the bottom of the page to submit your application. Have your phone beside you at this time.

A notification will appear to confirm your submission of Form A. Fill in your MyKad/Identity Card number and password, then click the 'Mohon TAC' button.

A one-time code will be sent to your mobile phone, and the notification box will show that a code has been sent to your phone. Fill in the code into the No. TAC field that appears in the notification box.

Click the 'Hantar' button once you're done, and you'll be redirected back to the User Dashboard.

Make sure to print or save a copy of your Form A by clicking the 'Papar/Cetak Borang A' button.


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