I've stopped being eligible to be an absent voter

Registering to vote

  1. Losing your eligibility as an absent voter

You'll lose your eligibility to vote as an absent voter if you stop being a:

  • full-time student
  • military personnel
  • civil servant

Your local embassy or relevant government agency will then inform the Election Commission of your change in circumstances. Your name will then be struck off the electoral roll. You must register as a normal voter in Malaysia to continue voting in future elections.

  1. Register as a normal voter

After your name has been struck off the electoral roll, you can register to become a normal voter. This must be done in Malaysia.

You will only need your Identity Card/MyKad to register as a normal voter.

You can register to vote at any:

  • post office
  • the Election Commission headquarters in Putrajaya, or state branches of the Election Commission
  • Election Commission pop-up outreach events


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