Registering for a postal vote overseas

Registering to vote

3. Tips on filling in the form

It's good to submit the form as quickly as possible. The deadline for submitting this form is when Parliament is dissolved, which could be at any time.

Double-check all the details you've written in the form. This is a legal document - your application can be rejected if it's inaccurate.

If you cannot remember the exact dates when you entered and left Malaysia, you can request passenger movement records from the country you are currently staying in. Try looking for your old air ticket stubs to see how long you've stayed in Malaysia.

Make a copy of your completed form for future reference.

4. Sending the form

Do not send your form to a Malaysian consulate-general or High Commission. You must send the form directly to the Election Commission. You can send the form by email, post or fax.

Sending by email

Send the form to [email protected]. Make sure you get a confirmation email after sending in the form. Alternatively, you can call the Election Commission to check whether they've received your form.

Sending by post

Send your form using trackable postage with sign-on-delivery. Express mail has both of these add-ons bundled together.

Send your form to:

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia, Menara SPR,

No.2, Jalan P2T, Presint 2

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan

62100 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Sending by fax

You can fax your form to +603-8881 0369/0386/0394/0399/0424.


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